Internet monitoring software for parentsDid you know it is pretty easy to keep an eye on your kids every move on the computer without them even knowing?  Well it is and there is some pretty slick software out there to help you do it.  Enter the wold  of Internet monitoring software programs.

These solutions normally sell for around $50 – $99.  There are  few choices out there that consist of WebWatcher, Spectorsoft, and PC Tattletale.

In looking at these kinds of internet monitoring programs (for parents and familys) my best choice is PC Tattletale.

So why did I pick PC Tattletale Internet Monitoring Software?

Well it has a few neat features that you are sure to love.  Don’t get me wrong.  The other internet monitoring software work well.  But none of them do it as well as PC Tattletale.  here is why and I think you will agree:

First of all PC Tattletale Internet Monitoring Software has the best remote viewing I have ever seen.  It lets you see everything your kids have done in a very simple DVR style recorder.  It makes it so you can see every single thing your kids do online just like watching a little movie.  Pretty cool hey?

But it gets even better.  PC Tattletale automatically sends their keystrokes (it has a build in Keylogger) to your email address.  that means you can get their passwords to all their social media account.  Many times you will find out that your kids have social media accounts that you know nothing about.  Kids are sneaky these days for sure.

Now.  If you are wondering if PC Tattletale is hard to install then I have a video for you called “PC Surveillance and Internet monitoring software PC Tattletale“.   I linked to it but if you want you can watch it here:

After you watch this video I think you will agree that PC Tattletale more than fits your needs.  Now here is the best part.  You can head on over to and look at the top of the site.  There is a “free trial” form you can fill out and try PC Tattletale 7 days free.  No strings attached.  No credit card required.

The other guys – Webwatcher and spectorsoft don’t offer that.  That is why I am telling you to at least try PC Tattletale.  I think you will be surprised with what you find out.

Remember 1 in 4 kids this year will be a victum of cyberbullying.  As a good parent you need to know about it.